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Stalemate In Chess: A Complete Guide


Okay, so you have started learning how to play chess. But now you came to know about stalemate, right? So, what is a stalemate in chess? Stalemate is one of the types of draws in chess. A stalemate occurs, when a player’s king is not in check but the player can’t make any legal moves … Read more

How To Get National Master Title? (Explained!)


I sent an email interview request to National Master Sahil Tickoo and I would really like to thank him for accepting the interview request and sharing his thoughts. Important note: Though the article might be short, it is valuable as it contains information from a real life National Master Title holder. So if you are … Read more

Who Invented Chess? (History & Facts!)


The origin of Chess is mysterious, convoluted, and a subject of endless debate. India, China, and Persia are often given credit, though there is no solid consensus and likely, there never will be. So the question remains, who invented chess? Unfortunately, no one knows who invented chess or if there was even a single individual … Read more

How Is Chess Related To Life?


Chess is more than just moving your pieces across the board. It’s a game of strategy, quick thinking, and being innovative. Every choice that you make will impact the result. In so many ways, chess can be compared to real life, in how we think and how we act. There are so many different lessons … Read more