Basic Chess Terms Every Beginner Should Know


Okay, so you got interested in chess. But sometimes, the chess terms might come in your way and confuse you a lot. Don’t worry! In this guide, I have tried to break down all the chess terminologies I think every beginner should know, in a simplified way. Reading this guide, you will have a good … Read more

How To Become A Chess Grandmaster? (A Realistic Guide!)


Okay, let’s come to the point! In this guide, I’m going to share everything you need to know about how to become a Chess Grandmaster. Frankly, I’m not a professional chess player but I’m a huge chess enthusiast. I have done complete research to share with you all the facts. I also interviewed FIDE Master … Read more

Can Pawns Move Backwards In Chess? (Explained!)

When you start learning chess, one of the first things you have to study is how the chess pieces move. And while studying that, a question comes to your mind. Can pawns move backwards in chess? No, pawns can’t move backwards in chess. As per the standard chess rules, pawns are only allowed to move … Read more

How Does The Bishop Move In Chess? (Complete Guide!)


A bishop is worth 3 points and considered as the minor piece. Like rook, the bishop is also a long-range piece because it can cross the board in a single turn. A bishop moves in straight lines on the diagonals both forward and backward. In chess, each player has two bishops, one moves only on … Read more

How Does The Rook Move In Chess? (Complete Guide!)


Today we are going to discuss the movement of the rook in chess from start to finish. A rook, which is also sometimes called a castle in chess, is a major chess piece. So, how does the rook move in chess? A rook moves horizontally or vertically in a straight line up to any number … Read more

Why Is Stalemate A Draw? (Should It Be A Win?)


Okay, so if you are playing chess for some time then you probably know about the stalemate. It is really frustrating when you are about to win but then, suddenly the game ends in a draw by stalemate. So, why is stalemate a draw? A chess game is won if the opponent’s king is checkmated. … Read more

How To Control The Center In Chess? (3 Easy Ways!)


You may already know why is controlling the center important in chess. But then, the question arises. How to control the center in chess? There are three ways to control the center in chess. Occupy the center squares, attack the center squares and control the center of the chessboard by attacking the enemy pieces that … Read more

What Happens If King Cannot Move? (Complete Guide!)


Are you are not able to move your king? Then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to solve all your doubts regarding this question from start to finish. Let’s start! What happens if the king cannot move? If the king cannot move then it is either a checkmate … Read more

Basic Chess Rules Every Chess Player Should Know!


Here the basic rules of chess: The main objective of a player in a chess game is to checkmate the opponent king. Checkmate means when the king is in threat (under attack) by opponent piece or pieces but has no legal ways to get out of that threat. The game immediately ends whenever a checkmate … Read more