How To Get National Master Title? (Explained!)


I sent an email interview request to National Master Sahil Tickoo and I would really like to thank him for accepting the interview request and sharing his thoughts. Important note: Though the article might be short, it is valuable as it contains information from a real life National Master Title holder. So if you are … Read more

Who Invented Chess? (History & Facts!)


The origin of Chess is mysterious, convoluted, and a subject of endless debate. India, China, and Persia are often given credit, though there is no solid consensus and likely, there never will be. So the question remains, who invented chess? Unfortunately, no one knows who invented chess or if there was even a single individual … Read more

How Is Chess Related To Life?


Chess is more than just moving your pieces across the board. It’s a game of strategy, quick thinking, and being innovative. Every choice that you make will impact the result. In so many ways, chess can be compared to real life, in how we think and how we act. There are so many different lessons … Read more

How Does The Queen Move In Chess? (Explained!)


Okay so you have started getting interested in chess. But aren’t sure how the queen exactly moves in a chess game? No problem! You are in the the right place. A queen can move as far as it can go along the diagonals, or ranks or files, until it comes across a piece or the … Read more

Chess Clocks: A Complete Beginner’s Guide!


You might have seen chess clocks used in a chess game. So, what is a chess clock and how do chess clocks work? A chess clock, whether digital or analog, is a pair of clocks. On top of each clock, there is a button. When a player makes a move and presses the button on … Read more

Why Do Chess Players Shake Hands? (Explained!)


You might have seen chess players doing handshakes. But do you know why do they shake hands? Chess players shake hands at the end of the game to solidify the fact that the game is over. It is, essentially, a non-verbal agreement that both players understand the end results whether it is a win, lose, … Read more

Why Do Chess Players Wear Suits? (Explained!)


You may have seen chess players wearing suits. But have you ever wondered, why do chess players wear suits? Not all chess players will wear suits. It will normally be those that play at the upper levels of the game to make the game of chess have a bit more prestige. In other cases, the … Read more

How Do Chess Players Make Money? (8 Ways Explained!)


Okay, so you play a lot of chess and you are highly passionate about it. But can you earn money by playing chess? Do chess players make money? Yes, chess players make money through a variety of methods. For example, winning prize money, making appearances, coaching other chess players, securing sponsorships, playing for clubs, performing … Read more

What Chess Pieces Can Jump? (Explained!)


You may be learning about how chess pieces move. And a question may have come to your mind. What chess pieces can jump? In chess, only the knight is a chess piece that can jump over the other chess pieces. A knight moves in a typical L shape and can jump over the other pieces … Read more