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Stalemate In Chess: A Complete Guide


Okay, so you have started learning how to play chess. But now you came to know about stalemate, right? So, what is a stalemate in chess? Stalemate is one of the types of draws in chess. A stalemate occurs, when a player’s king is not in check but the player can’t make any legal moves … Read more

Basic Chess Terms Every Beginner Should Know


Okay, so you got interested in chess. But sometimes, the chess terms might come in your way and confuse you a lot. Don’t worry! In this guide, I have tried to break down all the chess terminologies I think every beginner should know, in a simplified way. Reading this guide, you will have a good … Read more

Chess Board Setup: With Names, Diagrams, Rules


Here are the key points you need to know related to the chess board structure and setup. A chessboard has 64 squares, 32 dark squares, and 32 light squares. There is a total of 8 horizontal rows (also called ‘ranks’) and 8 vertical columns (also called ‘files’). Trick Time!: To remember what are rows and … Read more

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