Basic Chess Rules Every Chess Player Should Know!


Here the basic rules of chess: The main objective of a player in a chess game is to checkmate the opponent king. Checkmate means when the king is in threat (under attack) by opponent piece or pieces but has no legal ways to get out of that threat. The game immediately ends whenever a checkmate … Read more

Chess Pieces Value (Explained With Chart!)


In chess, we assign points to each piece to have a general idea about the strength of the pieces. In a chess game, pieces are captured as well as exchanged. Exchanging (trading) of pieces in simple words means when you sacrifice your piece to capture your opponent’s piece. Now, how will you know which pieces … Read more

How Chess Pieces Move (Explained With Pictures!)


After you know the basic things like the chessboard structure and how to arrange the pieces, it is time to learn how chess pieces move. In short, the rook moves only horizontally, bishop only diagonally, queen both horizontally and diagonally, a knight in L shape, king in any direction but up to one step, while … Read more

Chess Board Setup: With Names, Diagrams, And Rules


Here are the key points you need to know related to the chess board structure and setup. A chessboard has 64 squares, 32 dark squares, and 32 light squares. There is a total of 8 horizontal rows (also called ‘ranks’) and 8 vertical columns (also called ‘files’). Trick Time!: To remember what are rows and … Read more

Opening, Middlegame, Endgame: Introduction & Difference


So, you have started learning the basic concepts of chess. And now while studying all these, you came to know that there are three phases in a chess game: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame.  But do you really know what is the perfect meaning of each of them? What’s the difference between them? … Read more