Why Do Chess Players Shake Hands? (Explained!)


You might have seen chess players doing handshakes. But do you know why do they shake hands? Chess players shake hands at the end of the game to solidify the fact that the game is over. It is, essentially, a non-verbal agreement that both players understand the end results whether it is a win, lose, … Read more

Why Do Chess Players Wear Suits? (Explained!)


You may have seen chess players wearing suits. But have you ever wondered, why do chess players wear suits? Not all chess players will wear suits. It will normally be those that play at the upper levels of the game to make the game of chess have a bit more prestige. In other cases, the … Read more

How Do Chess Players Make Money? (8 Ways Explained!)


Okay, so you play a lot of chess and you are highly passionate about it. But can you earn money by playing chess? Do chess players make money? Yes, chess players make money through a variety of methods. For example, winning prize money, making appearances, coaching other chess players, securing sponsorships, playing for clubs, performing … Read more

Why Do Chess Players Offer Draws? (Explained!)


You might have seen the professional chess players asking for a draw or offering a draw. But do you know why they offer it? A chess game is drawn if a player’s king can’t be checkmated by any series of legal moves. Whenever chess players anticipate such positions, they offer a draw. Also, they might … Read more

5 Reasons Why Chess Players Resign (With Video)


Many times you might have seen chess players resigning their game. Not just beginners but even grandmasters resign their game.  But ever wondered why do they do it? If curious to know the answer to this question then you are right place. Here’s why chess players resign in chess. #1. To accept their defeat Yes, … Read more

Why Do Chess Players Look Away? (With Facts)


Have you watched chess players playing in a tournament? In that, many times you might have noticed that some chess players look away or look up from the chessboard. This behavior is not just common with beginner or intermediate chess players but even GMs do this. So, why do chess players look away? Chess players … Read more

7 Reasons Why Chess Players Write Down Their Moves

Why Do Chess Players Write Down Moves

Many times you might have noticed chess players in tournaments writing on a piece of paper after each move, and that seems like they are taking notes. So you might wonder, what do chess players write down? Chess players write down the notation of each move they make in the scoresheet. A scoresheet is a … Read more