Why Is Stalemate A Draw? (Should It Be A Win?)


Okay, so if you are playing chess for some time then you probably know about the stalemate. It is really frustrating when you are about to win but then, suddenly the game ends in a draw by stalemate. So, why is stalemate a draw? A chess game is won if the opponent’s king is checkmated. … Read more

What Happens If King Cannot Move? (Complete Guide!)


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Can You Put Yourself In Check? Here’s What Happens!


So you have learned the basic chess rules and started playing the games. You might have understood that to attack your opponent’s king you need to deliver the check, right? But in chess, can you put yourself in check? No, you are not allowed to put yourself in check. As per the standard rules, you … Read more

What Is Checkmate? (+7 Important Checkmate Rules!)


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3 Ways To Win Chess Other Than Checkmate!


If you are a little bit familiar with chess then you may already know that by checkmating a player wins the game. But is checkmate the only way to win chess? No, there are three other ways you can win chess apart from checkmate and that is: when the opponent resigns the game, loses on … Read more

Can You Checkmate With Two Bishops? (Here’s How)


If you want to get better at chess endgames then one of the very first things you would need to know is the basic checkmating patterns. So in this article, I am going to explain to you one of them, the two bishops checkmate right from scratch. If interested keep reading till the end! Can … Read more