What Happens When A Pawn Reaches The Other Side?


Pawns are the only chess piece that can’t move backward. So it is advised to move them wisely. But what happens when a pawn reaches the other side? As per the standard rules, when a pawn reaches the other side on the 8th rank of the chessboard, the player gets the chance to replace it … Read more

Can You Checkmate Without Check? (Doubt Solved!)


When you checkmate the opponent’s king you win the game. Right? But then questions like these may come to your mind, can you checkmate without check or do you have to check before checkmate. In a chess game, it is not mandatory to check before checkmate because in many cases it may happen that the … Read more

How Many Checks Are Allowed In Chess? (Solved!)

How Many Checks Are Allowed In Chess_ (Solved!)

You win a chess game by checkmating the opponent’s king. But what happens if you are going to lose. In that case you would definitely try to atleast draw the game, isn’t it? And for that one of the ways is constant checks. But then, you might think how many checks are allowed in chess. … Read more

Difference Between Stalemate And Draw [Simplified]

Difference Between Stalemate And Draw

Often the terms like stalemate and draw might confuse you. But don’t worry, because in this article I’m going to solve all your doubts regarding them. So, what is the difference between stalemate and draw? Draw means when neither player can win the game. Whereas stalemate means when the player is not in check but … Read more

What Happens If You Falsely Call Checkmate? Do You Lose?

Sometimes it happens that out of excitement I call checkmate even though in reality checkmate didn’t occur. This puts me in an awkward situation and to manage I generally smile and continue to play. In casual games it is okay to do so but what about the tournaments? What happens if you falsely call checkmate?  … Read more

Can A Pawn Move Diagonally To Promote? (Easy Guide)


Whenever I play chess with my younger sister, she gets angry because I rarely allow her to promote her pawns. She always looks for ways to promote her pawn. And once she asked me a question which I think you may be also having. Can a pawn move diagonally to promote? Yes, a pawn can … Read more

Do You Have To Say Check? What Happens If You Forget?


Check occurs whenever a player’s king is attacked. Generally, you may have notice players calling check whenever it occurs, or maybe even you do it in your games. But, do you have to say ‘check’ in chess? In chess, it is not mandatory to say check. In most professional chess games players don’t say check … Read more