Three Knights Checkmate: Everything You Need To Know


For winning more and more chess games, you have to be familiar with most of the basic and important checkmate strategies along with various combinations of pieces. Which chess pieces can checkmate and which can’t… and while studying all these you might think, is it possible to checkmate with three knights? And from here our … Read more

5 Practical Tips On How To Avoid Stalemate In Chess


It is quite frustrating if you were just going to win the chess game and then suddenly you encounter a stalemate! Right? I actually faced this many times when I played and so researched all the tips and tricks that will help me to avoid stalemate in chess and win more games. Today I am … Read more

Stalemate Vs Checkmate: Difference Explained!

stalemate vs checkmate

Stalemate and checkmate, both these topics might confuse you if you don’t understand them properly. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you out! In this article, I’m going to share with you from start-to-finish about what is stalemate and what is checkmate, their difference, and answering all the related questions.  This is really going … Read more