How Does The King Move In Chess? (With Rules!)


In chess, there are 16 chess pieces on each side. Out of them, the king is the most valuable chess piece. But do you know, how does the king move in chess? The king moves only one square at a time in any direction. It also has a special move called castling. A king can … Read more

Why Chess Board Has 64 Squares? (Explained!)


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Names Of All The Chess Pieces (With Pictures & Facts)


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Why Do Chess Bishops Have A Cut? (Explained)


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Which Chess Piece Can Move Diagonally? (Explained)


When you start learning chess, one of the first things you learn about is how the chess pieces move. And while studying that, a question may come to your mind, which chess piece can move diagonally? In chess, the king, queen, bishop, and pawn are the only pieces that can move diagonally. The rook and … Read more

Difference Between Mistake And Blunder In Chess (Explained)


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A Complete Guide On Tempo In Chess With Example!


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How To Resign In Chess? (With Etiquette!)


You might have seen professional chess games in which the chess players resign. But do you know how to resign in chess? Here’s how you should resign: First, stop the clock, shake your opponent’s hand by making eye contact and giving a nod of approval, and then, after recording the result, sign the scoresheet. There’s … Read more

How Does The Knight Move In Chess? (Complete Guide!)


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