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Top 10 Best Chess Clock Apps (Complete Guide!)


Do you want to play chess in a tournament-style? Then obviously you would require a chess clock, right? But what if you don’t have a physical chess clock! You might think about apps, but is there any chess clock app available? Yes, there are many chess clock apps such as the ‘Chess Clock’ app by … Read more

Illegal Moves In Chess: Everything You Need To Know


Other than playing casually, if you play formal chess games then you may have heard about ‘illegal moves’. But do you know what does it actually mean? What happens when you make it? What are the examples of illegal moves? All these and some other related questions will be discussed in this article. So if … Read more

Can You Repeat Moves In Chess? 4 Must-Know Rules


In chess, there is a lot of confusion among the chess players regarding the repetition of moves in chess. Though there are standard rules to clarify your doubts, sometimes it becomes difficult especially if you are a newbie to understand them well. But don’t worry! In this article, I am going to explain everything in … Read more

Why Are Chess Sets So Expensive?


You can play chess online whenever you want. But having a really cool chess set by your side is still a fascination. However, when you see their prices you might think, why are chess sets so expensive? The price of a chess set depends on the quality of material used, design of the chess pieces, size, … Read more

How To Get Better At Chess? (Complete Roadmap)


To whichever rating category you belong, your ultimate goal is to get better at chess. Isn’t it? Now, there are many helpful resources about chess out there, but you need to have a perfect roadmap and a solid blueprint in your mind in order to improve fast. So today I am going to share that … Read more