Can You Double Kill In Chess? (Solved!)


Sometimes in chess, you may notice that a single piece can attack two pieces simultaneously. But then a common question arises, can you double kill in chess? The short answer to that question is: No, you can’t double kill in chess because then it would be an illegal move. However, you can double attack in … Read more

Can A King Kill A King In Chess? (Solved)


In chess, a king has the power to move one square in any direction. Its power increases when the game reaches closer to the endgame. But, can a king kill a king in chess? No, a king can’t kill a king in chess. Moving the kings next to each other is not allowed in chess … Read more

Why Is The King So Weak In Chess? (Explained!)


King is the most important chess piece on the board. Losing it means losing the game. So in that sense, its price is infinite. But despite being a priceless chess piece, its mobility is limited. And that makes us think, why is the king so weak in chess? Although, there is no trusted reasoning available … Read more