How To Control The Center In Chess? (3 Easy Ways!)


You may already know why is controlling the center important in chess. But then, the question arises. How to control the center in chess? There are three ways to control the center in chess. Occupy the center squares, attack the center squares and control the center of the chessboard by attacking the enemy pieces that … Read more

Can You Castle If Rook Is Under Attack? (Solved!)


One of my readers once asked me that can we castle if the rook is threatened. I thought this was a good question and many chess enthusiasts maybe also having and that’s how I ended up writing this article. So, can you castle if your rook is under attack? Yes, you can castle if the … Read more

Can You Castle With Two Hands? Is It Illegal?


Castling is the only move in chess in which two pieces move in a single turn and that makes it quite special. But then the question arises, can you castle with two hands? No, you cannot castle with two hands. As per the standard rules of chess, each move must be made with one hand … Read more

Can You Castle Out Of Check? (Explained With Rules)


Can you castle when in check or after being in check? Can you castle through check? Can you castle after check? Can you get out of check by castling? and so on… If you are also thinking about these questions then you are in the right place because in this article I am going to … Read more