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How do chess players play so fast? (Top 3 Reasons)

Whenever I watch chess players playing in the tournament I am astonished by their speedy and lightning fast moves and wonder how do they do so?

I usually play each move at my own pace and if I try to be fast I put myself in high risk of losing against a good player because of some silly random moves.I always kept wondering how can I play chess so fast like them? What are the things going in their mind when they are playing chess so fast?

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I think being a chess enthusiast like me, many times these questions must have also come to your mind. So I researched out of curiosity and came to this conclusion.

How do chess players play so fast? Practice and experience are the two most fundamental things that enable chess players to play so fast. Apart from these they also have great intuition skills that help them play chess faster.

So this was a very straightforward answer for those who are in a hurry. But if you are like me, you must be still curious how they play chess so fast? What do they think while playing chess so fast ? which will be discussed in the end along with some related quesions.So if you want to know more, then continue reading till the end !

1. How practice helps chess players play faster?


Now you may be thinking that this may be the most obvious reason but what the catch here is that the chess players have done a lot of practice not only by playing chess games but also by solving chess puzzles, reading chess books, analysing various chess matches and also rectifying their own errors.

So practicing the chess game obviously enables chess players to play at lightning speed.

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently !

2. How experience helps chess players play faster?

Many times experience also plays a very important role. Reality is far more different than solving chess puzzles or the virtual chess knowledge. Remember,

Knowing chess is only half done!

I have seen many newbie chess players who first of all learn various chess opening strategies, solve some puzzles and think they have known everything about yet in the actual game they start doing mistakes and losing just because of some silly random move they have made.

So why does this happen? Actually this happens because knowing chess is only half the way ahead,

Applying that chess knowledge in real life matches is what that matters!

You might be wondering why I’m telling all this stuff to you, actually I want to make you understand that unless you have a lot of experience of playing real life chess matches you will not stop committing those obvious mistakes.

After you gain good experience then everything becomes just like involuntary right? Recall the first time you started to ride a bicycle, you were very slow, thinking of each paddle but after some experience everything was just automatic. Same thing happens in chess.

3. How intuition skills help chess players play faster?

Intuition skills in simple terms mean that we do not need to force ourselves to think about anything, it will come naturally. So this skill helps the chess player to play chess effortlessly and thus lets the player play faster. They can instantly identify what the position is and easily anticipate the next possible moves of their opponents using their intuition.

The intuition skill can be developed by learning various patterns and again with lots of practice in addition to it. Intuition lets the chess player think many moves ahead in chess. They can easily identify and plan next tactical moves. According to thechessworld Magnus Carlsen can see 15 moves ahead in chess and sometimes even 20.

So you can probably imagine the power of intuition in chess and how it speeds up your chess playing.

What does a chess player think when they are playing so fast?

Now we come to the most interesting part of the post to know what things are going on inside the chess players mind when they are playing chess so fast?

Chess players who play fast don’t think much but just concentrate on their chess game and that’s all, rest everything is quite automatic. Each move they do comes from inside which results from practice, experience and their intuition.

Do you know what is common between Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer), Virat Kohli(Cricketer), Magnus Carlsen(Chess player) ? If you have answered ‘ self confidence ‘ then you are right:)

I read interviews of all of them and what I found was a great amount of self confidence and self belief was highlighted in their speeches. I think this self confidence only helps them do what they are supposed to do without any doubt and concentrate in their game till the end.

Once in an interview, Magnus Carlsen himself said that whenever he plays he knows what he has to do. He doesn’t have to figure it out.

So you can see the amount of self confidence !

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked this post very much and that I could have been able to cater to your curiosity. I myself learned a lot and it was really great fun sharing this information with you. I hope I could have a positive influence on your chess learning process.

In case you missed some parts here is the quick summary of all the interesting ideas shared in this post.

  • So far we have learned the three main reasons: practice, experience, and intuition are the fundamentals that help chess players play so fast
  • Discussed each of the three reasons in detail.
  • Talked about what runs in the chess player’s mind when they are playing so fast taking the instance of Magnus Carlsen and also highlighted his qualities.

If you find this post helpful then please do share ????


How to think faster in chess ?

To think faster in chess, first, learn and understand the game properly. Once you understand, practice, and have done enough self-assessment then thinking faster in chess comes naturally.

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