Editorial Policy

Every article on ChessDelta.com is researched, written, reviewed, as well as edited by the Founder and Main Content Creator of ChessDelta.com, Pritam Ganguly, except in cases where it stated something different.

Here are the steps that a content goes through before it finally gets published on ChessDelta.com:

  1. All the accurate and relevant information is researched and gathered.
  2. Information, Tips, Guides, etc. are checked and verified in order to make sure that they are fully relevant and applicable to topic.
  3. The actual content is written.
  4. Full editing of the content is done from start to finish.
  5. Relevant and Good quality images are added to explain the content in a more helpful way.
  6. A final quick but careful reading of the content is done in order to make sure that everything is setup properly.
  7. After making sure that everything is done properly, the content is finally published.

We at ChessDelta.com are very confident of our content quality. However, if you come across any article that you feel needs to be improved then please reach out to us by emailing at: [email protected]