Chess Delta is an online platform to help those who want to learn chess and improve their chess-playing skills. Chess Delta teaches the readers various concepts of chess in a simplified manner.


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Who Is Behind Chess Delta?


Chess Delta was started in the July of 2020 by its founder and main content creator, Pritam Ganguly. Since then, the website is providing valuable chess-related content to its readers.

How Did I Start?

As a child, I (Pritam Ganguly) started playing chess with my family members and friends mostly for fun. But as days went by, I got more and more interested in chess.

I became so much enthusiastic about chess that in the July of 2020 I created Chess Delta.

My main aim behind starting this website was to learn more about chess and also share my knowledge with other chess enthusiasts. Note that I am not a professional chess player however, I read chess books and articles. I watch chess-related videos and also teach my younger sister how to play chess.

So I use the knowledge and experience that I gain to improve this website and provide valuable content to everyone.

What will you find here?

You will find everything you would expect from a chess lover. Here you will get helpful articles on topics such as chess basics, chess openings, chess players, and many more. In short, if you are a chess lover and chess learner, then this website is for you!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

I hope you find this site helpful, and I can have a positive influence on your chess learning process!

– Pritam Ganguly, the founder of Chess Delta