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Chess Basics #1: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Play Chess

I am so glad that you found your way onto my chess basics series. Whether you are a student, adult, or parent, whether you know a little bit about chess or not, I’m going to teach you how to play chess from start to finish.

Why you should learn from me? I’m a huge chess enthusiast! I taught my younger sister how to play chess along with the chess basics. So I know exactly what are challenges a beginner would face and also how to overcome them in an easy way.

My goal with this Chess Basics guide is to simplify the process of learning chess for you. I hope you will love this guide.

Where To Start!

This “Chess Basics Series” is like a book that reads from start to finish. Each lesson of this guide builds the foundation for the subsequent lessons. Thus, clearing the concepts of chess in a step-by-step way.

If you start from the very beginning and read one by one all the chapters then you will learn all the chess basics in a natural flow.

But if you want to learn something specific then you are welcome to skip ahead to a later lesson. Here’s a complete roadmap of learning chess that we are going to discuss together:

Chess Learning Road Map

Lesson #1: Chess Basics Introduction (You are here!)

Lesson #2: Chess Board Structure And Setup

Lesson #3: How Chess Pieces Move

Lesson #4: Chess Pieces Value

Lesson #5: Basic Chess Rules

Lesson #6: Three Phases Of A Chess Game

Lesson #7: Piece Development

Lesson #6: Chess Opening Basics

Lesson #7: Chess Middlegame Basics (Coming Soon!)

Lesson #8: Chess Endgame Basics (Coming Soon!)

{Tip: Keep watching for latest updates!}

Basic Equipment Required

The only equipment you need to start is a chess set. You can start playing chess even without any equipment. Yes, you guessed it, by playing online chess.

But I think if you want to learn chess properly and apply the knowledge then it is good to have physical chess set by your side.

You can check out my recommendation on the best chess sets for beginners.

Trust me, playing with a real chess board with real people has its own enjoyment and fun.

Now that you have your chess set and a clear road map of how you are going to learn chess, it’s time to dive in on our first lesson.

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