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Chess Vs Shogi: Here’s What You Need To Know!


Chess is a board game played between two players. While Shogi, also known as Japanese chess or the Game Of Generals is the Japanese variant of chess. The main difference between Chess and Shogi is the board size. A chessboard is 8×8 whereas a shogi board is 9×9. Also, in chess, captured pieces are out … Read more

How Many Squares On A Chessboard? (Explained!)


You might often be playing chess on a chessboard. And while playing, a question may have come to your mind. How many squares are there on a chessboard? In total, there are 64 squares on a standard 8×8 chessboard. However, considering each square of different sizes on a chessboard, instead of just the individual square … Read more

14 Best Places To Play Chess Online


Chess is a game where you have to practice a lot, be it with an opponent physically, or with the help of technology. For that, it is not possible to get an opponent all the time whenever you want to practice. So to solve this problem of all the chess enthusiasts, who want to excel … Read more

11 Best Apps to Learn Chess


Chess is a game of intelligence and patience. A person who wants to excel in playing chess must have a strong opponent to practice with. Previously, players had to search for players who can play chess at least for an opponent. But to solve this issue, technology has blessed all the chess lovers like us … Read more

How Do Chess Engines Work? (Explained!)


Chess is a manual game with both online and offline modes of opportunities to play. It is known for the utilization of the brain and the analytical nature of its players. One has to understand and analyze the game, each possible move, and its outcomes manually.  But do you know, an online process to calculate … Read more

How Do Pawns Move In Chess? (Explained!)


Chess is a game of strategy and tactics, with one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns, where the pointing system is divided accordingly, where the pawns hold the least rank. If you are here reading this, then hopefully you know how to play chess or learning it. To play … Read more

How To Get National Master Title? (Explained!)


I sent an email interview request to National Master Sahil Tickoo and I would really like to thank him for accepting the interview request and sharing his thoughts. Important note: Though the article might be short, it is valuable as it contains information from a real life National Master Title holder. So if you are … Read more

Who Invented Chess? (History & Facts!)


The origin of Chess is mysterious, convoluted, and a subject of endless debate. India, China, and Persia are often given credit, though there is no solid consensus and likely, there never will be. So the question remains, who invented chess? Unfortunately, no one knows who invented chess or if there was even a single individual … Read more