Basic Chess Terms Every Beginner Should Know


Okay, so you got interested in chess. But sometimes, the chess terms might come in your way and confuse you a lot. Don’t worry! In this guide, I have tried to break down all the chess terminologies I think every beginner should know, in a simplified way. Reading this guide, you will have a good … Read more

How To Become A Chess Grandmaster? (A Realistic Guide!)


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Can Pawns Move Backwards In Chess? (Explained!)

When you start learning chess, one of the first things you have to study is how the chess pieces move. And while studying that, a question comes to your mind. Can pawns move backwards in chess? No, pawns can’t move backwards in chess. As per the standard chess rules, pawns are only allowed to move … Read more

How Does The Bishop Move In Chess? (Complete Guide!)


A bishop is worth 3 points and considered as the minor piece. Like rook, the bishop is also a long-range piece because it can cross the board in a single turn. A bishop moves in straight lines on the diagonals both forward and backward. In chess, each player has two bishops, one moves only on … Read more

How Does The Rook Move In Chess? (Complete Guide!)


Today we are going to discuss the movement of the rook in chess from start to finish. A rook, which is also sometimes called a castle in chess, is a major chess piece. So, how does the rook move in chess? A rook moves horizontally or vertically in a straight line up to any number … Read more

How To Get FIDE Rating? (A Start-To-Finish Guide!)


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How To Win Chess In 2 Moves? (Step-By-Step Guide!)


You might already know that to win a chess game you have to checkmate your opponent. But, can achieve this checkmate faster. Can you win a chess game in 2 moves? Yes, one can win a chess game in 2 moves by the Fool’s mate. In this two-move checkmate, the black queen checkmates the white … Read more

Can A Pawn Capture On Its First Move? (Explained!)


If you just started learning chess then at this stage you may be learning about how each chess pieces move. But while studying that, a question like this may come to your mind, can a pawn kill or capture on its first move? Yes, a pawn can capture on its first move. However, the piece … Read more